Sunday, March 9, 2014

5 Must Have Items for Newborns!!

After a few years of experience with infants, I have learned what works and what doesn't!

1) A Swaddle Blanket

  • For brand new babies I prefer the muslin blankets they are light weight and very large. they are very easy to wrap tightly. As the baby grows and becomes stronger I prefer to use the thermal. When the baby starts to move about the muslin blankets don't stay in place as they have very little stretch in them. Thermal blankets however are very stretchy so as the baby moves the blanket stays secure. 

2) Baby wrap/carrier

  • I really like the Moby myself. I made my own and like it just as much as my sister's store bought one. When they are a little older I like the Ergo. They are designed to ease the strain on your back and body as you carry the extra weight of your baby.

3) Pacifiers but not the Soothie's
  • Don't get me wrong Soothie's are ok when they are very young. If your child uses them for a long time, they can mess up the placing and angle of teeth. When that happens it can lead to speech problems. In my experience infants have a hard time latching on to strait pacifiers such as the Soothie brand.

4) Noise maker
  • A noise machine, MP3 player, or cd player. White noise or back ground noise will be your best friend. It is soothing to infants and can mask out other noises in the house that may disrupt sleeping.
5) Large Yoga Ball
  • A yoga ball large enough to comfortably sit on. Infants love rhythmic movements. I have found that bouncing on the yoga ball soothes and even puts infants to sleep! They are very comfortable on the body when one is caring for a fussy baby. 

These are just a few helpful hints. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!!

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